The thermal Tweet printer

A few months ago I bought a cheap POS thermal printer like this from Amazon, plugged it into my Raspberry PI and started experimenting.

I have some experience with Ruby from my RPGMaker days back in 2004-2008, so I thought it would be nice to refresh my memory and write everything in Ruby.

I created a little script to search for Tweets that contain certain hashtags and print them including images with the thermal printer. It’s actually very useful: Think of a conference, bar-camp or any other smaller event. Just place the thing on a table and watch people go crazy on Twitter with your hashtags.



Create a new instance at the bottom of the script, provide your Twitter API access data, as well as your hashtags and run the whole thing:

twitter = "comsumer_key", "consumer_secret", "access_token", "access_token_secret", ["hashtag", "hashtag2"] );


Get the code over here: