Stay up to date and subscribe anonymously to public social network accounts using RSS

by tash lampard / Flickr. CC BY 2.0

Staying up to date is a must in this industry. There are many well curated Blogs, Facebook Pages, YouTube channels, Twitter-Accounts [...] and you want to keep track of their postings, right? Well, this is how I do it.

This article is part of a series how I organize and do things in my daily work life. Read the other episodes here: Timetracking

Social Networks are a pain in the ass

I hate Facebook. I used it several years to keep in touch with my friends and I liked many pages that cover my interests in coding and filmmaking. Since they introduced a algorithm to display only an excerpt of all posts in your stream, it became pretty much useless.

I love Twitter. But the stream is a mess. I'm following less than 100 people, so it's theoretically possible to read every post. Yeah.. I miss awesome things consistently.

Good old RSS

This might be the answer, right? Well, it is... kind of. Since Google dropped it's RSS Reader the technology slowly disappears. The average consumer prefers mobile apps and Social Networks which require no copy/pasting of URIs. Twitter dropped RSS-Support a while ago, YouTube offers only a feed of your subscriptions and Facebook never had anything like this.

If you're mostly into blogs this won't be an issue for you, but it's definitely an issue for me.

Introducing: rsspipes

So I created a small free to use webservice to fill the gap between Social Networks aka "Web 2.0" and the good old RSS. It's called rsspipes:

rsspipes is based on Laravel and creates a standard compliant RSS Feed for the YouTube-Channel or Twitter-Account of your choice. More stuff like Instagram or Facebook is in the making and will be released some time soon. (If you want to help me creating more integrations, head over to, click on contact and drop me a line)

I hope rsspipes is as useful for you as it is for me. If you like it, leave a comment or donate.

Cheers <3