Hey there, I'm Kris: the guy with that cool domain name. I'm also a freelance webdeveloper and filmmaker.

I built my first website in 2001 (it's not on the internet anymore, don't even try), got a Bachelor of Engineering degree, worked for a marketing/web agency as a developer, a movie/tv production company as a cutter/runner/assistent and an international garden exhibition as a designer (& developer) for digital and print media. Since 2010 I'm doing this whole freelance thing for a living.

Personally I like sloths, mate soda and tea, playing around with Raspberry Pis, travelling, boards with rolls (and boards on snow), cooking vegan stuff and all kinds of soapbubbles.

I’m a big fan of workflow automation & open source software and publish many things I make under MIT or GPL on GitHub.

Yay, tableflip. (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻